Learn about us and how we can custom-design an architectural panel that fits your needs.

clear-PEP® panels

clear-PEP® translucent honeycomb panels are robust, lightweight, and used for interior or exterior decorative elements.

AIR-board® panels

The bespoke system of translucent honeycomb panels integrates interior design, room acoustics, and day-lighting.

AIR-board® acoustic panels

Made with polycarbonate facings with over 300,000 micro-perforations per square meter to enable ample sound absorption.


We understand your goals, objectives and design intent

Moxie Surfaces is the US Distributor of Design Composite. We specialize in creative finishing materials with infinite possibilities. Our unique architectural elements stimulate the senses and help create beautiful environments for learning, living, and enjoying our lives.

Our products provide a variety of benefits including sound absorption, light transmission and thermal insulation, while offering unlimited applications for indoor or outdoor design.

We service architects, designers, contractors and other related trades in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Our products involve OEMs, architects, and interior designers and are sold to speciality contractors, finish installers, and architectural mill workers.

moxie logo about us is the exclusive North American distributor for Design Composite, GmbH

We strive to understand your goals and objectives so we can create a composite solution through teamwork and trust. We work hard, and smart and we know how our products integrate with the Big Picture. We emphasize integrity and accountability in everything we do. The result is something we all can be proud of.

Partnering with the best, we can custom-design an architectural panel that fits your needs. We will help you mix and match from our wide selection of unique facing sheets and cores to create a solution that meets your design. We have a dedicated department to “design your composite”. That means we have a team for comprehensive consulting, planning and new development of tailor-made product solutions. Whether your panel is particularly light, large and robust, or a combination of properties, we will develop and produce the right panel for you!

We design your composite

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