Made of high-quality thermoplastics, clear-PEP® translucent honeycomb panels are robust, lightweight, and used for both exterior and interior applications. Our proprietary clear-PEP® core is made from a solid polycarbonate sheet that is expanded to a specific thickness. The decorative facings are either made of polycarbonate with up to 83% renewable and 100% recyclable bio-based material. The acrylic/PMMA facings are made with 100% recycled content (R-MMA) and are 100% recyclable. Our polycarbonate facings are intended for exterior or interior applications and acrylic/PET facings are for interior applications. clear-PEP® is durable and boasts unique light-scattering and optical properties. Additional information is available on the product pages. For more details on sustainability, LEED, and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our supplier partners, please visit our About Us and Downloads pages.

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