The elements made of high-quality thermoplastics can be used in many different ways in interior architecture and can be designed individually in colour and shape. Newly developed profile systems allow creative applications and exciting possibilities to be designed. Check below all the available addons for clear-PEP and AIR-board panels that suit the needs of your project.

interior / exterior edge finish

interior edge finish 1
interior edge finish 2
exterior edge finish 1
exterior edge finish 2
exterior edge finish 3
exterior edge finish 4
exterior edge finish 5
exterior edge finish 6

panel joints & connections

Butt Joint VHB Tape
Tongue & Groove
clear-PEP® Stage flooring


Drilling and Hole Locations
Mitre Cube Edge
Mitre Fold Edge
Heat Forming / Bending

Our panels can be heat formed in molds using the following design guidelines

clear-PEP + satin facing sheets*
Maximum thickness is 19 mm or 3/4″
Min. bending radius: 1000 mm or 39″
Max. panel size: 3020×1220 mm / 118″ x 48″
AIR-board Acoustic
Max. thickness:25mm / 1″
Min. bending radius: 300 mm / 12″
Max. panel size: 3020×1500 mm / 118″ x 59″

Panels that cannot be thermally formed the following method can be used

Forming with mitre cuts on reverse
Min. distance between cuts: 50 mm / 1.9″
Min. facing sheet thickness: 2 mm / 0.08″

mechanical connection

Glazing Fastener

ceiling connections

ceiling connection 1.2
ceiling connection 7
ceiling connection 11

Moxie Surfaces - Creative Applications

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