Proactive Environmental Engagement

Embracing sustainability, the location of the company inspires the entire team to actively engage in efforts to mitigate environmental pollution. Nestled among mountains and fields, design composite has embraced cutting-edge eco-friendly construction methods for its new manufacturing facility. The eco-friendly initiatives undertaken have yielded a net positive energy output, enabling an annual reduction of CO² emissions by an estimated 103 tonnes.
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design composite – green facts

For the facilities, the company has harnessed sustainable methods for heating and providing hot water for both the manufacturing and administrative buildings. The objective was to optimally leverage all available natural and by-product energy resources, eliminating the need for traditional heating systems. As part of the manufacturing process, efforts are continuously made to minimize waste. In cooperation with suppliers, used panels are returned for recycling and repurposing. Nonetheless, given the extensive durability of design composite products, considerable time passes between their creation and eventual recycling.


Constructed following contemporary technical standards, the facility benefits from heat recovery systems and advanced air purification technologies, contributing to a favorable environmental impact.

Heat Recovery

The harvested thermal energy is distributed for use in:
• Underfloor heating in the administrative building
• Concrete core activation for heating the manufacturing space
• Preheating air for ventilation and extraction systems
• Generating hot water

Product Sustainability

The product's remarkable longevity, incorporation of recycled materials, and the potential for recycling aged plastic components significantly bolster its ecological credentials.

CO₂ Reduction Efforts

Further CO₂ mitigation efforts include structural enhancements such as:
• Superior insulation across all construction elements
• Exploiting passive solar energy via strategic building placement
• Designing south-facing glass façades for optimal solar gain

Sustainable and versatile decorative facings: advanced materials for diverse architectural applications

The decorative facings of our panels are either made of polycarbonate with up to 83% renewable and 100% /recyclable bio-based material.  The acrylic / PMMA facings are made with 100% recycled content (R-MMA) and are 100% recyclable.  Our polycarbonate facings are intended for exterior or interior applications and acrylic/PET facings are for interior applications.  Additional information is available on the product pages. For more details on sustainability, LEED, and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our supplier partners, please visit our About Us and Downloads pages.

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